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G Vibe

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Oct 20, 2010 . 0 Comments.

G Vibe, also commonly referred to as the hot g vibe vibrating cock ring, was a couples sex toys created for specifically to both target the female's g spot and enhance the male orgasm and increase the erection strength of the man's penis.

The g vibe is created from premium silicone which gives it a super soft feel, while being latex free and phthalates free makes it suitable for couples who have any potential allergens to latex.

The g vibe is a revolutionary sex toy in that with this adult toys unique and creative design allows you to place it for optimal g spot stimulation. By that same token, the benefits for the male is that the cock ring will enhance the appearance of the man's erection by trapping blood in the shaft of the penis.

Furthermore the ability elongate the male orgasm allows men to enjoy a greater sensation when reaching climax; this is accomplished by the tightening of the urethra causing more spasms to occur between ejaculation.

The g vibe sex toy is re-usable, and lasts for 45 minutes per battery and come with instructions on how to replace the battery to get ready to go again!

The hot g vibe vibrating cock ring can hit the g spot much easier and the vibrating sensations will let her know when you've got the sex toy working just effectively and in the right place.

The hot g vibe is quite simply to use, simply remove the sex toy from the packaging, stretch the band and place around the shaft of the penis at about an inch to two from the tip for optimal g spot stimulation.

In other sexual positions, such as reverse cowgirl, and doggy style allow you to invert the g vibe to continue stimulating the g spot while experimenting all the ways in which you can enjoy better sex.

For tips and tricks in the bedroom, including better sex and new adventurous sex positions, look into our sex wiki article on our top sex positions and see how the g vibe can improve your sex life.


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