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Gina Vibe

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Jan 15, 2010 . 0 Comments.

Gina Vibe is the mascot for the Hot G Vibe Online Sex Store. She is notorious on several porn sites for her one night stands and her passion for sex with the Hot G Vibe sex toy. Gina travels the world with her Hot G Vibe Cock Ring and is searching for new and exciting sexual pleasures. She has received the last name vibe for the same reason that she loves using vibrating Sex Toys during her escapades around the globe.

Gina’s ethnic background is still unknown. She claims to be from San Francisco - the city of love. She is a character of fantasy and lust; seeking a man who is willing to put out and is willing to please her in different ways with the Hot G Vibe.

Gina’s favorite positions vary depending on her male counterpart. Most of the time she loves taking it doggy style while the vibrating cock ring rests on the bottom of her partner’s shaft. This way she can feel the G Vibe sending her sensational pleasures directly to her G-spot. However, she is always up for missionary where she gets on top and rocks the lucky guy’s cock to higher levels of ecstasy.

Gina lives in a world beyond the average female entrepreneur; a lifestyle of casual sex with strangers and late nights in Lamborghinis. Gina Vibe does however promote safe sex along her sexual conquests. Every guy that she has sex with she ensures that

1) He wears the Hot G Vibe to give her the most intense orgasms of her life

2) That he wears a condom over the sex toy.

Gina Vibe’s sexual adventures have been recorded in a couple of episodes:

Episode 1: "The Earthquake"

Gina Vibe confesses her love for sex and the Hot G Vibe cock ring. It begins with her bedroom encounter with her “Mysterious Stranger”. Gina and her partner have their intense banging session, which is followed by another earth shattering sex experience after her partner increases his penis size after using the X4Penis Extender (penis enlarger device) From there and on, they have the earthquake sex that shakes her entire house.

Episode 2: "The Mysterious Stranger"

Gina Vibe takes her mind-blowing sex experience from the earthquake and does a quick re-cap of how everything came to be. After a long day of work, she pays a visit to the local cocktail bar when the bartender presents her with the Hot G Vibe cock ring. Simultaneously, she spots a cute guy across the bar and they end up hitching. The real Gina Vibe is based on a real life character from Montreal, Canada.

Episode 3: "The Red Head"

Miss Vibe steps out of the night club and has her ginger (red head) friend pick her up. She soon discovers that her friend was on her way to a booty call. In turn, they arrive at the house and find the stud wearing a X4 Labs Extender Penis Enlargement Device. The guy is able to wear more than 2 Hot G Vibe cock rings at once thanks to his Penis Stretcher. After his cock grew a few inches in such a short time from using the penis extender, Gina and her redhead friend took advantage of the stud's manhood. From there on out, it's another sexual adventure and swinger banging time for Gina Vibe.

Stay tuned and be sure to watch out for newer episodes of Gina Vibe! For videos on this dynamic and sexy lady, visit youporn.com or the Videos section on our website.



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