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How to Hit the G Spot

Posted by in on Jun 18, 2011 . 0 Comments.

How to Hit the G Spot, lately we've been receiving many questions about how to properly locate and stimulate the G spot. This is a question that frustrates many who have found it but can't get their partner off, or simply haven't found the elusive spot.

Recently, even scientists have debated the existence of the G spot altogether, however they found no conclusive evidence one way or the other. But ask any women who has found their g spot, or who has had their partner find it and they will tell you it does in fact exist.

The sensation is entirely different from a clitoral orgasm, and can involve squirting and involuntary muscle contractions!

The first point to make is that you should probably invest in some to time trying to find the g spot, either by yourself, or with your partner. For this fingers inserted the vagina along the front or top wall will be best to find the g spot.

Once you've found it, you should decide how to stimulate her - or yourself if its self exploratory - and whether you choose on using a sex toy, or your fingers directly.

Using the fingers can require a lot of work in order to stimulate her long enough unless she's quite sensitive. Otherwise a Vibrator can bring about the focused sexual pleasure necessary to get her to climax. Simply vary the amount of pressure you apply against the sponge like material that is the g spot to find out.

Our signature Hot G Vibe Vibrating Cock Rings, are also a great idea as this gives both partners stimulation at the same time, and allows an increase of intimacy in the relationship as both parters will ultimately find their orgasm improving.

Sex and becoming better at it, is all about practice; no one is born a pro, because well that would just be weird. So don't feel discouraged if it's not an earth shattering orgasm.

It will take time, and patience, and to the ladies out there reading this, give your partner a heads up if something feels good, encouragement is always helpful, and give them a little nudge in the right direction so they can improve their technique.


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