Toys are not just meant for kids. With the improvement in technology there are toys which are invented for the adults for sexual use. The main aim behind the introduction of the adult toys in the market is to help the people to meet their sexual pleasure or fulfill their sexual desire. These products are better known as sex toys.

People may find number of adult toys in the market and can choose any toy they like. Such erotic toys are available in different sizes, designs, shapes, colors, etc. some of the types of adult toys:

1. Vibrators
2. Dildos
3. Anal Toys
4. Nipple Toys
5. Penile Toys
6. Glass Sex Toys

Out of the number of types of sex toys available in the market the dildos and vibrators are highly used by the people and are also much known among the people. The vibrators are vibrating sensational novelties that help women to achieve more intense and explosive orgasms. Such devices are known to stimulate the pleasure points of the women’s body. Normally vibrators are dildos are shaped similarly to the male penis, but there are several vibrators that come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the vibrators are penetrative vibrators, G-Spot vibrators, anal vibrators, bullet vibrators, rabbit vibrators etc.

A Dildo is a non-vibrating adult toy. Dildos are particularly helpful for women who want to sexually stimulate their vagina or anus. These sex toys are generally made up of silicon or rubber, plastic, glass etc. Dongs otherwise known as dildos take the shape that they often resemble a penis.

The Vibrating Cock Rings are some of the fastest growing types of sex toys. This toy is to be worn on the base of the penis which binds the penis and testicles together to trap the blood in the penis thus allowing the user to avail a better, longer and harder erection.