G-Spot, or scientifically termed the Ggrafenberg spot that as of late has come under some scrutiny in terms of its existence. Originally found by Ernst Gräfenberg – but seriously, who would want a sexual organ named after themselves? We here at Hot G Vibe, an online sex shop believe better sex for all is about education.

Many scientists, researchers have contested and offered many theories as to what or where the G spot is. The first theory is that the size of the g spot determines orgasm strength, thus a larger g spot means more sensitivity and more powerful climax.

Some think the g spot is the underneath of the clitoris, and that may be why some women have such powerful g spot orgasms while others may simply not and this may determine their ability to have a deep orgasm.

What is indisputable is that for those women who can squirt from practice and control of their PC Muscles definitely have something going on, plus it’s as most people would agree, really hot.

For women and men looking to please their partner, we offer an in-depth guide on how to see her squirt, which essentially boils down to three keys.

Location: first you must find it if you want to experience or see first hand those full body deep orgasms.

Stimulation: focusing on the on g spot and providing lots of focused stimulation is going to be necessary to bring about a climax, this can be achieved by the ‘come here’ motion, rubbing your index and middle finger towards yourself. Or with the help of a G Spot Vibrator, can be pressed against.

Practice: Don’t get discouraged if the first time isn’t mind-blowing, many cases it should take the time to perfect your technique, as well as communication in the case of your partner to bring about mind-blowing orgasms.

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