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Posted by in Sex Wiki on May 19, 2010 . 0 Comments.

Orgasms are short or long moments of highest sexual pleasure reached through sexual stimulation. It is possible for both males and females to reach such levels of Climax and sexual stimulation. Orgasms are normally characterized by loud moans, the twitching of the body and ejaculation.

Sexual activities are the main source of achieving Orgasms. This can be done with a sex partner during sexual activities or through Masturbation. For those seeking to achieve high quality orgasms through masturbation should check out Online Sex Stores to find a sex toy that best suits their needs.

Not surprisingly, for centuries people have engaged in sexual activities for either procreation or the simple pleasure of reaching orgasms. The most intense orgasms are reached through multiple genital stimulating for both male and female manually or with the use of Sex Toys.

For males, their orgasms are sometimes prolonged and intensified when their testicles are grasped during ejaculation or Climax. This not only helps to keep the penis stiff and thus improving overall sexual performance, but it also intensifies the orgasm by touching the most sensitive nerves. A cock ring will help to keep the penis stiff during the sexual engagement and help increase the orgasm’s intensity.

For females, orgasms are dramatically increased by the use of sex toys. Female masturbation during sex may be the most appropriate methods of increasing orgasm intensity. The use of a vibrating Cock Ring on the fingers can stimulate the clitoris- this is the most effective method for a female to achieve an orgasm. Clitoral vibrators serve to be very useful for females for masturbation and sex. The use of anal vibrators is also very effective for increasing sexual pleasure for females.

Female orgasms are much more complex than male orgasms. They go through a waveform cycle in which the slightest distraction may result in restarting the first wave of orgasm. Women have the ability to achieve several subsequent orgasms- however this can only be done the proper stimulation. It also depends a lot on the female- some of them are unable to reach climax. In fact, 40-50% of females fake orgasms during sex. It takes the right touch of a male to make a female achieve multiple orgasms. The trick to making a female reach multiple orgasms is by stimulating the vaginal, the clitoris. This may be difficult to do all at once, but if you can do it- she will love it!

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