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Sex Toys for Women

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Feb 08, 2012 . 0 Comments.

There are a wide range of erotic products designed for the woman to achieve orgasms, which is integral for better health and lower overall stress levels. Sex toys for women can consists of everything from machines (sybian) to vegetables such as a cucumber; anything that can stimulate a woman can be considered a sex toy and thus proves difficult to define.

The most common sex toy is the vibrator, it’s pulsating effect from the motor inside can produce as much as 3600RPM, while most commercial vibrators have a maximum rate of 600-1200 RPM, depending on size, and whether it requires an outlet. Other vibrators are more discreet, and look like commonly used items such as hairbrushes, cell phones and various other commonly found household items

Dildos are another erotic product that have varying degrees - in respect to their design of the male penis, - while others can be very lifelike with complete anatomy of testicles, a circumcised tip, and realistic colours. Size here is a preference for the user, as they very from more realistic sizes to longer and larger girths for the experienced users. A double dildo is one with two shafts for two partners simultaneously or for double penetration.

G-Spot vibrating cock rings offer a new way to experience heightened sensations for both partners as it is located higher up on the shaft of the penis and differs from a standard cock ring. A typical cock ring is attached around the base, which is only used to prolong erections and orgasms for the male. The vibrating effect while technically a vibrator by definition due to its motor also serves a dual purpose for pleasing both partners

Others can be used for anal play, such as butt plugs, which are specifically designed with a tapered edge so as to not become stuck in the anal cavity and require medical extraction. These toys are used to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings and can be quite delightful to the recipient when properly lubricated and when the sphincter muscle has adequately relaxed.

Nipple toys also exist and while some women report to reach mild orgasms from nipple stimulation, they are often a product to work in tandem with another such as vibrator, oral/manual stimulation, or penetration for an increased climax for the female.


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