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Sex Toys for Men

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Dec 20, 2012 . 0 Comments.

Sex toys for men have changed over the years, no longer just your hand and a bottle of lube we have evolved and have reached the pinnacle of male masturbation.

From simple rubber tube sock designs, and actual socks, to fleshlike materials that are easy to care for and clean, the technology has certainly come a long way. This is a good thing. When you think of 1984, technology has screwed us over.

But it has made jacking off much easier, not to mention enhancing our erections with toys like cock rings. But, we'll discuss those later.

Let's talk about the newest and coolest sex toys for men, male masturbator sleeves and how it started getting popular.

Hands free, at one time though impossible by men and scientists alike, it was a Boston police officer that created the Fleshlight. After his wife and he were required abstain from sex during a high-risk pregnancy, the officer took things into his own hands - literally.

He created the original out of his police issued mag light. This became a new way of jerking off, he actually fucked his flashlight. Since then, the Fleshlight has inspired newer forms of masturbation toys for guys.

Some companies like Topco Sales had prototype jack-off toys with its line of Cyberskin masturbators. They started off as basic pocket pussies that guys would carry around and fuck on the go. Once they saw the market potential of these new male sex toys, they began taking their line of Cyberskin toys in a new direction.

The male sex toy market opened up. Soon, other adult novelty manufacturers began producing toys that would compete with those of the Cyberskin and the Fleshlight. Today, masturbation sleeves have found themselves a place in homes across the world.

Prostate Massagers

Several other methods have since developed such as prostate play, which involves massaging the prostate gland to bring about a very powerful orgasm for the male. The sensation is similar to a woman’s G-spot.

Fact: Prostate massages help men not only experience better orgasms, but they also help to cleanse the prostate gland. This helps in reducing prostate cancer. Middle-age men have to undergo a prostate examination, and this is done through manually by a pediatrician. Sometimes, they are done through a prostate massager, depending on the condition.

Some caution has to be taken as you are reaching the prostate through the anus, so for many insecure men this is a no go before the idea has even been discussed. However besides a clean ass, and some water-based lubrication to prevent any damage prostate massages are not painful nor should it cause you any discomfort.

The process is involved is not to ram it up, to move the plug, or prostate massager in a rocking, or circular motion while jerking off, or while receiving a nice blowjob.

Trust me, not only will she have you squealing, but you will blow the biggest load of your life after a prostate ejaculation!

Have I piqued your curiosity?

Interested in a Pussy sleeve? Why not try one of these open-ended devices that come in a variety of lifelike designs, or try a discreet one and try your best to hide in an unsuspecting location. Try placing it in a shoebox, or up high in a closet. Remember if someone found it, what the f-ck where they doing looking in there?

Besides it’s best to store a masturbator in a cool dry, and dark place to ensure longer lifetime of the product.

Cyberskin makes a nifty design that is open ended, allowing you finish – just mind where you shoot, then simply rinse through which is much simpler than a device like the Fleshlight, which only has on opening.

This saves the time consuming process of turning it inside out, and rinsing it, which is difficult if you live with a roommate, or your parents. Also, the Fleshlight may not be as discreet as they say, considering it says "Fleshlight" along the side. Either way, male masturbators are super fun and they come in different shapes and internal textures.

Cock Rings

You've probably heard about these before. They are probably the most effective sex toys for men for a few reasons.

• Enhances erection size

• Improves orgasms

• Boosts sexual performance

The first reason is that it enhances your erection. Regardless if the ring cuffs just your shaft or both your dick and balls, it traps the blood from leaving the penis- resulting in a stronger and fuller erection. Depending on the material used, some cock rings actually help to enlarge the penis when used. It can increase mostly the girth (which counts the most) and a slight increase of length.

The second reason, you can masturbate with it to enhance your orgasms.

Once your dick is harder, it stays that way until you remove the toy. This means if you have trouble keeping it up when wearing a condom, a cock ring can be a simple solution to your problem. We've got tons of innovative cock rings to check out if you're interested, check them out in the cock rings section of our sex shop.


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