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Posted by in Sex Wiki on Dec 21, 2012 . 0 Comments.

If you Buy Sex Toys online or from your local adult toys shop, it could be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to improving your sex life.The reason why people purchase adult novelties (otherwise known as erotic toys or sextoys) is because they may not be able to perform well, or their intimate life has become boring. Our online sex shop is dedicated to helping those in need of something new and exciting. Below is a short review and shopping guide on how to appropriately find a sex toy that suit your needs.

1) What are you looking for?

This is the first question you should be asking yourself. What has intrigued you, or what made you come into an online sex store? If it is a video that you saw on a free porno website, it may be that you found an erotic toy that was very appealing.

Regardless if you are a male or female, we all have sex-related issues. Some cannot achieve an orgasm, while others may want to be able to enhance their sexual performance or even be able to squirt.

For example, some adult vibrators have specific functions that others do not have. You can find a wide variety of rabbit vibrators and other toys for women in the vibrators section. Each product has specifications for what it does and how it can help you enhance sexual pleasure.

Ask yourself what you are searching for (device, sex toy, DVD, guide, etc), what you plan on getting out of it.

A place where you can start looking is in our Sex Education Wiki. Find all of the reviews, links to Hot G Vibe videos & trailers, articles about safe sex, lubricant guides and general information about adult toys.

2) Do you have problems staying aroused?

As people age, they go through strange phases of losing sex drive. Ironically, the male sex drive decreases and the female sex drive increases. You may find yourself not being aroused during sex, or maybe even impotent (can't keep it up). If you have a small penis or erectile dysfunction, then you may need to look into a male enhancement device such as a penis enlarger.

For women, you may have difficulty in achieving an orgasm, or you may have trouble staying wet. In this case, you may need to slowly train yourself into achieving an orgasm through the use of a personal massager along with some personal lubricants. There are numerous products that can help to improve your sex life.

Another common issue women and men look for are vaginal tightening devices (pelvic toners, pc muscle exercises, jelqing exercise videos, and other specific or customized sex enhancement exercise routines. Here at our sex toys store you can gather information and be guided in the right direction of where you can find the information or product you're looking for.

3) Are your orgasms weak?

Over 70% of couples are unhappy with their sex life after being in a long-term relationship. This decreased sex drive, and lack of sexual satisfaction will often be a major player in determining how weak or strong your orgasms may be. It is also noted, that a healthy relationship is one that has healthy sexual activity.

It is at this point that you may need to start looking for new toys that will help you enhance your orgasms.

For men, using penile jewelry (metal cock rings, silicone vibrating cockrings) are great for improving orgasms and enhancing erections. For women, a vibrating cock ring that can be worn on a penis (for g-spot stimulation) or as a finger g-spot vibrator (clitoral stimulation) work as fantastic sex enhancers.

4) Do you have any allergies or medical conditions?

Knowing whether or not you have a medical condition is important when it comes to buying sex toys. You may be allergic to certain materials like silicone or latex. It is therefore important to make sure that whatever it is you are looking for is free of any chemical compound such as latex or phthalates. Read more about safe sex toys in the Sex Wiki.

5) What is your budget?

Cheap is expensive. Whenever you make online purchases, especially with adult sex toys, you should not always go for the cheapest toy available.

Cheaper usually means low quality, therefore it will probably not be a good idea in the long run. You must also consider that if anything goes wrong with a cheap toy, you will have to ship it back to where it came from, which may not be worth it if the toy is cheaper than the shipping.

At the same time, you don't want the toys you are buying to be over-priced. The first thing you should check are the specs and details about the toy you're interested in. If your online sex shop doesn't provide this in the details, you should try another store.

If you look at some brands of adult novelties such as LELO, you will notice that many of their toys are very expensive. This is because the products are of high quality, and they are rechargeable, and come with a warranty from the manufacturer. This is a good thing about expensive adult merchandise.


If you're looking for something for your partner, most good sex shops offer package deals and sex kits that will save you a lot of money. Usually these kits are assembled with the stuff you need for multiple occasions. Some of these packages even include free shipping.

You now have your basic guide to searching, selecting and buying the sex toy or package that you are looking for.


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