Squirting Orgasm

A Squirting Orgasm is the more common term for female ejaculation that occurs when the female gushes or ejaculates from her paurethral gland, which is around the urethra. The fluid that is expelled while clear, is a fluid that is released during an intense orgasm.

How each woman reaches this intense orgasm is entirely independent upon her body, in short what works for one woman may not work for another.

Some reach this through the most commonly reported method, G-Spot stimulation most easily accomplished with the aid of a Sex Toy; some are uniquely created for the purpose of reaching the G-spot on a female which is located about 2-3 inches in the front, or top of her vagina.

Other females can squirt from clitoral stimulation. Performing cunnilingus, or rubbing her clitoris, either manually or with a sex toy such as a Hot G Vibe ring, you can please your partner, or she can take her pleasure into her own hands. Also, smaller bullet style vibrators are great to use for clitoral stimulation.

See Her Squirt!

See Her Squirt!

Have you ever seen Female Squirting before? Everyone should see a woman squirt (perform a female ejaculation) at least once in their lives. Some questions may come to mind, how does squirting happen? What makes a woman squirt or gush? What kind of Sex Toys can be used to make a girl squirt? These questions have been addressed several times, but no one seems to have the correct answer. It’s ok, you will find out all the necessary information about the wonders of female ejaculation, otherwise known as pussy squirting.

How Does Squirting Work?

The female ejaculation origins has been in question for several years. It has been reported in various older civilizations including India and Ancient Greek erotic literature. What happens during squirting is an explosion of clear fluids in large volumes from the paraurethral ducts through and around the urethra during or before orgasm. This usually occurs with g-spot stimulation from a g-spot vibrator or a special vibrating cock ring that can penetrate the vagina,

Can All Women Squirt?

This is the question that has been debated for decades. All women have the potential to squirt, however not all woman can actually do it. For the most part, the average female can gush during or after an orgasm, but she may not perform a projectile squirt like those you may have seen in porn. If a woman’s g-spot and clitoris are stimulated properly, there is a high chance that she will gush. Using particular sextoys like a g-spot stimulator or a clitoral vibrator can be a great help in making a women ejaculate.

What kind of Toys do I need to squirt?

You can find several female sex toys that can greatly help women in ejaculating. A g-spot sex toy can definitely be the solution you are looking for. Look at our Vibrators section for some of the most effective sex toys for women. The most popular erotic squirting toys reported by our clients are the Decadent Indulgence Rabbit Vibrator, and the Slimline G G-Spot vibrator.

Where can I buy these toys?

You can purchase these toys here at our Online Sex Toys Shop.

Where can I see her squirt?

For those who want to see the best squirting videos, check out Youporn.com or Pornhub.com. You can see some of our female models squirting with the Hot G Vibe ring. Our world famous vibrating ring is known for being an extremely effective squirting toy.

Salad Tossing

Tossing salad more appropriately referred to as anal-oral, anilingus, a rim-job, eating ass, and rimming and is a sexual act where one partner uses their mouth by licking and sliding the tongue in and out of the recipient’s anus. It is a sexual act that can be done by all sexual orientations. The reason people may find pleasure in this act is due to the sensitive nerve endings around the anus, or as sexual humiliation.

However, due to the fact that a person’s mouth is in contact with the anus the propensity to transmit and STD is greatly increased due to the presence of parasites and bacteria on our around the rectum. Many STD’s can be transferred in this way, those include: Hepatitis A, B, and C, gonorrhea, HPV, Chlamydia, herpes, as well as diseases such as intestinal parasites and polio.

In order to minimize the transfer of diseases, or STI’s, a number of preventative measures can be taken. First is the importance of general hygiene for the receive of anilingus, and this can be accomplished through the use of an enema, which while not sterilizing the anal cavity can remove most, if not all of the feces in the rectum. The person using their tongue can ensure that they have no open sores in their mouth before hand, as well as that they have not brushed their teeth, or flossed which may have upset the gums causing them to bleed.

Prevention can be possible with the use of a dental dam, which used can prevent transfer of any STD’s. A homemade dental dam can be made from a condom by cutting it to have it open wide, but is generally not recommended as improper cutting can lead to the couple believing they are engaging in safe sex. Plastic wrap, or clingwrap should be avoided, as it does not adequately prevent bacteria from passing through the material.

Penis Jelqing

What is a Penis Jelqing Exercise Program?

Penis Jelqing, also known as manual penile “milking”, is a process used for penis enlargement. Essentially, jelqing exercises are used for loosening the blood cells in the corpus cavernosa in order for the cells to expand easily when wearing a Penis Stretcher. Jelqing exercises are very effective when it comes to increasing overall penis size. While penis milking cannot enlarge the penis on its own, the use of a penis extender along with jelqing exercises has been scientifically proven to be the most effective methods of penile enlargement.

There is no real way to trace how far back jelqing goes. It was only until recently that small community of jelqers emerged online and began discussing and comparing jelqing techniques. Based on the before and after pictures of those who combined a penis extender with jelqing techniques, many people have been extremely satisfied with their Penis Enlargement System.

The use of a medical penis enlarger provides permanent results. In order to see the best results, Hot G Vibe recommends following a penis enlargement program that fits the needs of each person. If you already use a penis extender, learn how to maximize your penis size using a combination of the extender exercises, jelqing techniques, male enhancement pills, and a healthy diet.

How Does Jelqing Work?

Jelqing exercises consist of manual traction on the penis in order for the blood to circulate easier throughout the shaft. Normally, you want to hold the head of your penis and gently tug on it and move it in different directions. It is very similar to working out, the more you practice, the better it becomes. Using the scientific principles of mitosis and cytokinesis, jelqing and penis extenders cause the body to respond with immediate healing of the microscopic tears created from expanding the blood cells. Just like how a pregnant woman’s stomach can stretch, the body reacts by regenerating the old blood cells with brand new ones.

This concept has been long practiced in many cultures around the world. African tribes have placed golden rings on their elongated necks for body decorations. Burn victims and those with broken bones are treated with the exact same principle of cell regeneration.

Penis jelqing can be done either in or out of the shower. Usually, jelqing should be done with the use of some personal lubricants so that no skin breaks during the exercises. Be sure not to over-do your jelqing exercises as you don’t want to damage your penis from too much pressure.

What Can You Gain from Jelqing?

-A larger penis in the flaccid state
-Increased sex drive
-Longer and thicker erections
-More flexibility on the penis body

If you are interested in learning the best jelqing techniques or a great jelqing exercise program, look into purchasing a penis extender from the Hot G Vibe Online Sex Shop. When you purchase these permanent penis enlargement devices, you can have the option of getting full access to jelqing videos online.