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Adult Toy Cleaner

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Feb 01, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Adult Sex Toys need care and proper storage to last longer and remain useful. Adult toys are made from different materials therefore users should know proper methods of cleaning that is specific for every material. It is absolutely essential to keep all your adult sex toys absolutely clean because these toys reach you at the most intimate points of your body. An unsanitary erotic toy means that there is a direct risk to your sexual health.

Finding an adult toy cleaner is easy on the market. You can check these out at Online Sex Shops where you are most likely to find out a large variety of these cleaners. You will need to know the exact material from which your toy has been made from. This way you will be able to find out which types of cleaners are sufficient for cleaning your toy. In general, any toy cleaner with a disinfectant is suitable for cleaning toys made of silicone, plastic, rubber and metal.

Some specific ones are created for cleaning silicone, rubber, latex, etc. Therefore, the cleaner that would suit silicone will not suit plastic or rubber. You can also use some antibacterial soaps for cleaning toys made from plastic, however, you will need to wash these quite thoroughly.

You can boil silicone up to 2-3 minutes, to make it sterilize from all bacteria, viruses and fungus. This way you can ensure its thorough cleanliness. However, sterilization and boiling is not advisable for toys which also combine as battery operated units. Otherwise these units would cease functioning. Instead these toys should be washed with warm water and antibacterial soap. You can also use specialized cleaners for these toys.

Your Adult Toy Cleaner should not just clean the toy once- because of the nature of toys, it is necessary to disinfect these completely. Adult toy cleaner is used at two different times. Firstly, it needs to be used before using the toy and after using the toy.

Cleaners must be used before use should be able to clean the residue and should be able to make the toy useful. Just the same way a cleaner to be used after the use should remove all body secretions off all the bacteria and the harmful viruses.
You should ensure that the toys are dried properly after these are washed. You can dry these using a soft clean cloth or else air dry these. This could be time consuming, yet it is the best way to dry. You should ensure that the adult toys are dried completely before you pack them for future use.

Adult toy cleaner can be found in different price ranges, it starts from $14.95 and goes upward based on quality of the cleaner. You will find a range wide enough to enable proper cleaning of your Sex Toys.


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