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Anal Sex Toys

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Apr 30, 2010 . 0 Comments.

Anal sex toys, while typically a taboo subject are evermore becoming common for sex toys in the bedroom. As more and more people are exploring their sexual nature, it's simply natural that people and couples want to experience and explore and pleasure their partners.

For those looking into anal toys of any type, the important thing to remember is keep the size small; you can always upgrade, but too large of a toy into the anal cavity can cause small tears.

Another important tip, please use lubricant, whether you prefer water-based lubricant or silicon-based lubricant it is key to enjoying safe anal play.

From butt plugs to vibrators most sex toys for the ass are designed differently, the largest difference being a tapered end to prevent the hazardous - and very awkward, potential to have your sex toy slip inside.

The flanged edge of of a simple and common butt plug will prevent the toy from slipping inside. Some rabbit vibrators also known as triple area vibrators.

Many people find anal play pleasurable as there are more nerve endings around the anus than even the vagina. For those looking to try anal exploration, besides lubricant, starting small is recommended.

Because the anus is a muscle it can be stretched gradually, it can and should be gradually stretches if you're looking to explore anal sex.

For men, the anus is closer to the prostate gland and can be reached easier through the ass.

Remember that anal play and anal sex should be pleasurable, because of this start slowly, and make sure there is no pain involved. Starting slowly is key to long-term enjoyment from anal play, and may be the reason your partner is hesitant to engage.


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