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Best Male Sex Toys

Some of the Best Male Sex Toysare located on this website. Let's focus on the basics. The first is a masturbatory aide; this can be something as simple as lubrication, or something like a butt plug for anal stimulation.

For men, there is an ever-growing market for solo sex toys that can just as easily be brought into the bedroom and used for an increased pleasure during play. Male Sex Toystypically fall into several categories, those that are enhancements (cock rings, topical spray), and those that directly stimulate the penis (Pussy sleeve) or anus (prostate massager). However some toys meld into several categories, such as the vibrating cock ring an enhancement toy, offering direct pleasure to both partners simultaneously. style="text-align: justify;">Cyberskin

Penis Sleeves are some of the most recent sex toys on the market and created from a new mixture of silicon and polyvinyl chloride. It is also unique in that of all the other brands of realistic-feeling materials it is free of phthalates. Due to it’s new blend of materials only water based lubricants can safely be used.

Cock Rings, another toy that could be used as a masturbatory aide but are generally considered sexual enhancements. The idea behind them is that when you get erect you can place the ring around your cock and it will constrict blood flow allowing you to have an erection until the device is removed, this means even after an orgasm. However because of this, you should never wear a cock ring for longer than 30 minutes however, it is recommended that you remove it after 20 minutes. Cock rings will also enhance the males orgasm as it allows the ejaculate to come out slower causing orgasm to last longer than the typical 4-6 seconds for a male. Many men may have an orgasm for up to 30 seconds or longer.

A Topical Spray with lidocaine, such as Stud 100, a local anesthesia can be sprayed on the penis to reduce sensation, thus allowing the male to last longer during intercourse. The effects help to alleviate Premature Ejaculation as a result from over-stimulation to the Penis.

A Butt Plug can be a normal dildo or dong, but more commonly are a unique erotic toy designed with a large flanged end to prevent the device from slipping inside the anus. They are generally made from a firm rubber material, which is quite stiff to allow for adequate pressure to be applied to the prostate. In recent years the stigma has changed over male sex toys for anal entry after attitudes to sex have changed, as well as the numerous studies that show that safe play with anal toys can lead to improved prostate health.

A Vibrating Cock Ring, such as the HGV Ring, can be a great way to bring pleasure to a couple. The sensations will definitely please any woman from continued and repeated stimulation to the G-spot or clitoris, but the vibrating sensations will also be felt by the male, and will simultaneously increase the duration of his orgasm. It’s a unique toy in that while being very discreet, it can offer pleasure to the couple together, improving your sex life, and as a result your relationship.

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