Cheap Sex Toys come in two categories: Those intended as a gag or joke, and those that are built to be inexpensive but may use substandard materials, or have safety issues related to them.

Gag or Novelty Toys are intended as a gift for people and are generally not considered for use. These may include inflatable sex dolls, such as a human (male or female) depending on the gift givers sense of humor and the intended response, or inflatable animals such as sheep. Others could be something for someone recently out of a relationship; these are often titled Divorce Kit or a “Singles Survival Kit.

Some are intended for those who have passed a certain milestone such as a 40th, 50th or 65th birthday, or when they reach adulthood (18-21).

Certain Sex Toys on the other hand may just be ‘cheap’, that is made of poorly constructed materials or fabrication and could pose health risks. Some dubious dildos may have sharp edges or burrs on the toy; this can result in tissue damage inside the vagina or anus. The edges result the shoddy nature of the machine fabrication and/or molding process.

Vibrators that are poorly constructed can pose serious issues, like electric shock especially as their close proximity to bodily fluids may electrocute, which can cause nerve damage; battery leakage from crude stock batteries inside the device can also be a concern.

Inferior Strap-on dildos can have the harnesses snap during play, or have a floppy attachment that may prove too much trouble for adequate stimulation for the recipient.

Materials also affect the product, some may be produced out of unhealthy chemical-based mixtures that may break down or may contain phthalates. Phthalates are used to keep the plastic softer, and have been removed from most toys due to health concerns over a connection with their use and tumor growth.