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Electric Sex Toys also known vibrators have been around a lot longer than you think! The very first Vibrator was created for the purposes of relieving female hysteria, a condition that women experienced due to a lack of orgasms. Essentially doctors had created it as a medical device as the routine, and old-fashioned way to relieve hysteria through manual stimulation was time consuming and hard work.

Vibrators were first sold in mail in catalogues as health items and the first one to sell commercially began in 1902 by Hamilton Beach. In fact the Vibrator is the 5th electronic device for home use, the only items that cam before were the sewing machine, fan, teakettle, and before the arrival of the electric iron and vacuum.

If you or your partner has a difficult time achieving orgasm, you’re not alone – or rather she’s not alone. It’s estimated that 50-75% of women require additional clitoral stimulation, so a vibrator that is specifically created for this purpose

Adult toys, specifically vibrators as you can see have had a long history of use and they’re clearly nothing new, so as such you really shouldn’t feel awkward purchasing something that brings you more pleasure.

Since the vibrator was invented in 1902 it’s a good chance your grandmother or great grandmother used one, not really the image you wanted? Well just remember to repress it when you’ve got some time to yourself to dim the lights, turn the base and let the vibrator go.
Now in the new millennium there are literally thousands of models of vibrators out there and choosing the right one can be daunting, after all which type do you choose, what material? How about features? How about a standard vibrator, or a model that contains other moving parts to provide multiple simultaneous stimulations? All these questions should be factored into your purchase.

What we recommend is to start simple, with a basic vibrator, and move up from there. If you’ve already tried a standard vibrator and are looking for something luxurious, more powerful, or simply more bells and whistles.

Maybe you’ve got questions, rather by now if you’ve read this far you should have questions; perhaps you’re probably more perplexed because you might not have even considered all the options available.

Ask one of our Customer service Reps about how they can help you assuage any concerns you have. They’re here 24/7 and ready to help you find the perfect vibrator, whether you’re a seasoned vet, or a first time user!

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