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Posted by in Sex Wiki on Feb 01, 2014 .

Adult Sex Toys need care and proper storage to last longer and remain useful. Adult toys are made from different materials therefore users should know proper methods of cleaning that is specific for every material. It is absolutely essential to keep all your adult sex toys absolutely clean because these toys reach you at the most intimate points of your body. An unsanitary erotic toy means that there is a direct risk to your sexual health.

Finding an adult toy cleaner is easy on the market. You can check these out at Online Sex Shops where you are most likely to find out a large variety of these cleaners. You will need to know...

Posted by in Sex Wiki on May 06, 2013 .

Welcome to the Hot G Vibe Sex Toys Reviews Page. It is here where you can find all the Product Reviews from all of the sex toys available from our Online Adult Sex Toys Shop. We are an online adult toys store dedicated to satisfying your sexual desires with our luxurious adult novelty toys. Our male and female sex toys have been featured on various exclusive TV shows, magazines and websites such as HBO, Webdreams, Hustler, Youporn, Bangyoulater etc.

Vibrating Cock Rings:

Discover our best-selling Vibrating Cock Rings, the Hot G Vibe vibrating ring! This product is a multi-tasking male and female sex toy that can be used as a...

Posted by in Sex Wiki on May 04, 2013 .

In recent years, penis enlargement procedures have become extremely popular among men. For a while, people were always arguing over what penis enlargement device was the "best". There is no longer a debate of what brand of Penis Stretchers are the best. Many review sites have ranked the X4 Labs Penis Extender as the ideal penis enlargement device for many reasons. Below is the Hot G Vibe Online Adult Sex Toys Store review of the X4 Labs Deluxe Penis Extender:

If you are looking for the most comfortable, affordable and fastest results from a penis enlargement device, then the X4 Labs Penis Extender is what you need! Penis...

Posted by in Sex Wiki on May 01, 2013 .

X4 Labs is where you can find all the necessary information when it comes to penis enlargement procedures or devices. It is here at our Online Sex Shop and X4 Labs where men can find the best penis enlargement devices and male enhancement products on the Internet. X4 Labs is dedicated to natural male enlargement products such as Male Enhancement Pills, patches and Penis Stretchers.

Male enhancement has become one of the fastest growing industries in e-commerce. These products come in various forms; from penis extenders to male enhancement pills. A penis extender or a penis stretcher is the most effective method of permanent penis...

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Apr 21, 2013 .

The X4 Penis Stretcher device was ranked #1 by several review sites including enlargementworld.com. This Penis Extender was ranked as the best penis enlargement device on the market due to the criteria in which it was assessed, just like the Euro Extender and the Pro Extender. The X4 Extender claims that when it is properly used, the device could exercise the penis to increase its length from 2-3" in 6 months. Unlike other extenders, the X4 Extender works and is compatible with comfort straps and nooses (Hybrid Support system). Most brands of penis enlargers only use one or the other.

The X4 Extender uses a combination of the two...

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Apr 18, 2013 .

What is the G-spot?

Many a times there have been discussions as to whether or not there is any presence of a G-spot in a woman’s body. Modern science is completely against the idea of presence of a G-Spot, however people who are very well experience and possess knowledge about woman’s body, have certified to the fact that there is indeed such a spot called the G-spot.

So what is the G-spot?

G-spot is know to be the spot where when rubbed slightly can make the woman reach highest degree or orgasm, this spot though is not very easy to find and not all women have the spot at a specific point, it may vary in distance,...

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Apr 13, 2013 .

Waterproof Vibrators are Sex Toys designed to keep all electrical components sealed from any water entering during play. The primary advantage of such a vibrator is that it can be used in the bath, shower, or a pool without damage to the toy, or more seriously, to the user via electric shock.

Because the erotic toy is waterproof this removes any remote control or wired functions and thus is normally controlled from the base of the device. Now, while the device is waterproof this only serves to allow more options for the user of the vibrator, this includes options like soaking the toy in hot water in order to increase the...

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Apr 10, 2013 .

Vibrators and the use of sex toys round the world is increasing day by day as more and more people are getting sexually aware. The main purpose behind the emergence of sexual toys is to facilitate human sexual pleasure.

The most common sex toys are designed to resemble the human genitals. With the help of the sex toys people can really fulfill their sexual desire. While searching for the sex toys in the market people may come across much type of Female Sex Toys such as dildos, vibrators, penis toys, glass sex toys, nipple toys, anal toys etc.

Vibrators can prove to be very effective from the point of view of helping women to...