What kind of Sex Toys go with fetishism? It is the use of an inorganic thing or entity or the usage of specific part of a body to derive sexual stimulation. Few people cut a lock of hair to use as an inanimate object for masturbation. The inanimate objects can be categorized into two, namely, form fetishes and media fetishes. As the name suggests, form fetishes give importance to the shape of the object.

Media fetishes give importance to the material of the inanimate object.

Few objects that are used by fetishists include Cock Ring, panties, bras, high-heeled shoes, Vibrators, negligees, gloves, silk, leather, Erotic Toys, etc. A person may join a shop that sells women undergarments just because he/she is a fetish.

Fetish is derived from the Portuguese word “fettiço”, which means “something made”.

Why does fetishism occur? When people have doubts about their own masculinity or feel that they are impotent or fear of rejection to name a few. These people never pose troubles to others. They use the fetish object in private.

Symptoms of fetishism include:

1. A person having intense sexually arousing fantasies for a period of more than six months and this situation occurs repeatedly.
2. Sexual urges or fantasies cause major problems to a person’s occupation.
3. Joining a shop that sells lingerie to enable fetish behavior (online XXX shop)

We saw what fetishism is and the symptoms.

Let us look at the types of fetishism. I’ve just provided a list of few types. They are:

1. Amputee fetishism
2. Breast fetishism
3. Diaper fetishism
4. Foot fetishism
5. Infantilism
6. Pregnancy fetishism
7. Rubber fetishism
8. Leather fetishism
9. Boot fetishism
10. Stocking fetishism
11. Belly button fetishism

Why generally people become fetishists? There are no known proven theories of why fetishism occurs.

However, doctors have diagnosed a few causes.

1. Can be due to some childhood experiences where they are sexually aroused with certain objects.
2. Masturbation also plays an important role in fetishism.
3. A person who does not have a healthy social life has got higher chances of becoming a fetishist.
4. Someone who is deprived of a normal social sexual life.
5. Fear of rejection and humiliation.

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