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Fuck Toys for Men

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Dec 30, 2009 . 0 Comments.

Fuck Toys for Men are toys that men can use during sex or to stimulate a certain aspect of sex such as oral, anal, or vaginal.

In recent years the addition of new realistic materials, such as cyberskin, and other silicon composites have allowed for the adult novelty toy companies to release safe, hygienically clean, and soft materials for the purpose of masturbation or simulation fantasies within a couple.

Cyberskin produces a number of different models of their ICE line of pussy sleeves. They are created out of soft material and made of transparent silicone in the base with a ribbed texture, and at the risk of sounding redundant, come in a whole slew of models.

The Cyberskin Ice Blowjob Stroker has a set of lips modeled on the front of the sleeve and is there for all those guys who enjoy fantasizing about a blowjob without the teeth present!

The Cyberskin Ice Pussy Stroker looks, and feels (except for the ribbed texture for increased sensations) like a very lifelike vagina, this can further be enhanced by soaking the toy in hot water prior to use as the material will rise in temperature, just be careful not to leave it submerged too long, and test the sex toy’s temperature against your thigh as you don’t want to test it with your one and only penis!

The Anus Cyberskin Ice Male Masturbator is a very popular model for those men wishing to simulate anal sex, and may have a partner that is not interested in anal sex. The insertable hole is noticeably smaller, and as such may get you off even quicker, which depending on how you look at it a good thing.

The newest creation, Cyberskin Ice Pussy & Ass Stroker is a Double Penetration (DP) model, which has a hole for anal and vaginal stimulation. This is a great idea in our opinion as it really serves as two toys in one!

Speaking of getting off too early, a masturbating sleeve can be a great way to practice lasting longer during actual intercourse as the realism is quite high and you have the option of lasting as long as you want! This is a great option to

improve your sexual relationship as lasting longer is sure to please an almost 60% of women who feel their partner’s climax too soon before they do.


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