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Homemade Sex Toys

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Jan 04, 2010 . 0 Comments.

Homemade Sex Toys are those that are created by the person to derive personal sexual pleasure. They can also be from phallic shaped fruit and vegetables, such as bananas, cucumbers and zucchinis. Some of this goes back to Food Play, where they – or their partner, may eat the food such as a banana afterwards.

Sex toys created by users are typically done because of the discreetness that be afforded by their nature of returning to common household items.

Some of these items include simply items like hairbrushes, food items as previously mentioned. Note when using common household items a condom is recommended in order to prevent any infections when placing devices inside an orifice. It also helps when using semi-soft food as if it breaks off you don’t need to worry about have to extract the part inside you.

People also choose to use these as sex toys as they are completely unsuspecting, especially in a house where masturbation is frowned upon, and finding an actual sex toy could prove awkward, to finding yourself looking for new residence.

Homemade sex toys can also pose a hazard as they are made from common household items that are either unsanitary or can cause damage from using products that are not intended for internal use.

Homemade sex toys can also be created from several different types of materials and into clever items such as pussy sleeves. Created out of foam, a Pringles or Stax chip can, and a condom to line the inside. Think of it like a DIY Fleshlight.

Thinking of creating a sex toy from homemade materials, that’s in fact how the Fleshlight was created. A boston Police Officer who was not getting any love at home, looked at penis, looked at his mag light, looked back at his penis, then again at his mag light…And the rest is history.

So with a little ingenuity and some crafty hands, you might make the next million dollar sex toy by taking common household items and turning it into a discreet sex toy that could be left in plain sight and not be noticed.


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