Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment used in women who are approaching menopause, who are menopausal, or postmenopausal and helps treat cases in which women are lacking sufficient estrogen and progesterone. Insufficiencies may cause discomfort to older women as the aforementioned hormones are circulating less volume in the body.

HRT may also be used as treatment for gender reassignment therapy, that is male-to-female, or female-to-male sex changes. Various types of hormones can be used, as well as various types of way to administer the hormones, including patches, orally in the form of a pill, creams, gels or IUD’s as well as for more dire circumstances; injections can be used as well.

Hormone Therapy as of late has come under controversy for its purported higher rates of blood clotting, especially from orally ingested pills, which may be due to how the liver processes the estrogen before being released into the blood stream.Cancer rates are also higher among women taking hormones to treat, but this was due to methyltestosterone present in the pill.

Hormones given to transgenders in the process of attempting gender reclassification, while not a replacement for surgery, may achieve a hair free body on a male attempting to fit into his woman gender.It also helps to establish secondary sex characteristics, which are parts of the anatomy that help distinguish between the two sexes.

The philosophy behind HRT for transgendered persons is to provide a more true body that better fits their psychological gender. Hair in these patients is likely to change, for example the hair of the eyebrow will be less bushy as is the case with most males.

Body hair can also change, and become of the vellum sort, which is soft, and differs from most male body hair that is thick and coarse to the touch.

Mood changes can occur as well due to the fact that hormones, not present in such quantities in the male is being consumed, thus altering the patients mood, and depression can be seen, especially those who are taking progestin’s.

Hormone Therapy can also be use for treatment of cancers, and syndromes such as Klinefelter’s which is where the person receives two X chromosomes, thus a male is XXY, and a female is XXX, the conditions are small testicles and reduced fertility respectively.Hormonal treatment is used a treatment, as the condition is irreversible.