What are Hybrid Sex Toys? It’s pretty simple, they could be any type of erotic toys that can be used as both male and Female Sex Toys. These are also known as unisex toys, couples toys, vibrators and massage toys. You can find a wide range of these adult novelties from our Online Sex Shop.

Among the many hybrid sex toys available online, the vibrating ring, or the vibrating cock ring, seems to get a lot of attention. Probably because it can be used in all sorts of ways; on the finger (making it a finger vibrator), on a dildo or a vibrator, as an anal massager (prostate massager), and of course, it is put on a penis in order to keep it erect and to provide g-spot stimulation during sexual intercourse.

The Hot G Vibe ring is considered a hybrid sex toy. Why? Because it is a multi-tasking and it can be used in a variety of ways. It is made from Grade A silicone and it has a vibrating motor that lasts over 40 minutes. The ring is expandable so it can fit all penis sizes. While this not only accomodates just the average man’s penis, it is built small enough so it can also be used as a prostate massager.

A prostate massage, otherwise known as milking of the prostate gland, is a process in which men can ejaculate without penile or testicular stimulation. All that is required is simple prostate stimulation– this can be done with one or two fingers or with a prostate massaging vibrator like the Hot G Vibe. The GVibe ring is small enough to snuggle into the anus, and its vibrators are strong enough to provide total stimulation to the P-Spot (male g-spot).

You may have seen on videos from youporn.com that women use the Hot G Vibe as a finger vibrator. This is one of the most popular methods of how women take advantage of the G-Vibe’s great variability. When the GVibe is fitted on the finger, women can control exactly how fast or hard they want to rub their clitoris or g-spot.
Using two Hot G Vibes (one on each index finger of each hand), women can either do the following combinations:

1) G-Spot Stimulation & Clitoral Stimulation

2) G-Spot Stimulation & Anal Stimulation

3) Clitoral Stimulation & Anal
For men, they can try some of the following combinations of the G Vibe:

1) Put a Ring at the base of the penis, above the testicles (testicular stimulation)

2) Put a ring at the base of the penis facing up (provides clitoral stimulation for the female)

3) Putting a Ring on the middle of the shaft (Ideal for female G-spot stimulation

4) Slowly massaging the G-Vibe on the prostate gland (for P-Spot massages)
Try using the Hot G Vibe today and enjoy its wonderful variability as a hybrid sex toy. Purchasing a bigger HGV ring package will indeed give you enough vibrating rings to last several sessions alone or with your partner.

Get your Hot G Vibe Cock Ring today and start improving your sex life!