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Lesbian Sex Toys

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Jan 15, 2013 . 0 Comments.

Lesbian Sex Toys are toys with the specific market for lesbians who want to add toys for the purposes of additional stimulation, or for penetration. While some toys are specifically marketed towards lesbians, while others are in the category of female sex toys.

Some specific sex toys include Strap-on Dildos or Strap-on Vibrators for lesbian couples to enjoy penetrative sex due to the limitations of their anatomy. They can be of many varieties, and sizes, as well as different designs for the harness.

Vibrators another common toy for female couples to enjoy due to the unique sensations that only a vibrator can provide. Because of their high RPM – standard vibrators have between 600-900 RPM’s, they offer a greatly enhanced stimulation of the erogenous zones than manual play with hands, or digital with a dong or dildo.

If you haven’t experienced a sex toy such as a vibrator what are waiting for? They come in many styles, and don’t have to be large deluxe rotation machines – unless that is of course what you’re looking for!

Some are simple clitoral vibrators used externally and the idea of sex toys being for solo play or the sexually adventurous or kinky people have changed. One only has to see Sex and the City and it’s famous rabbit vibrator episode.

Lesbian sex toys can also be anal toys such as anal beads, butt plugs, and vibrating butt plugs. The reason for purchasing anal specific toys is because they are not only typically smaller, but they also have a flanged edge to prevent the toy from slipping inside and requiring medical extraction; sure to spoil any fun evening.

In fact, lesbian Sex Toys, aren’t entirely different from female sex toys, except for a few specific cases, but even women who identify as straight or bi-sexual use strap-ons, either on their male partner, or with a female partner to emulate the male penis, besides they can get a vibrating attachment, meaning us men could potentially see themselves extinct in the coming decades.

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