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Male Masturbator

Male Masturbators comes in many varieties, shapes and sizes, so deciding on one can be a tricky choice. While a more expensive one will last longer, if it's not the right fit, or made from a material. You can spend a lot less on disposable units to try it out, but for long-term use it would be prudent to pick up a re-usable - simply wash it out afterward!

Several Companies originally started out making male sex toys, but the materials were better suited for dildos as their composition was quite hard.

But with many companies joining the ranks, as well as the advancement in materials the male masturbator market is catching up with the female sex toy.

With toys like the Fleshlight becoming well known in mainstream culture and featured in comedy films. Others like the Tenga have been well known in Japan and are exploding onto North America with many happy users.

Tenga's come in many styles, from unique Eggs and Shampoo style bottles for the perfect discreet male sex toy. What's interesting about their design is that everything is included, meaning a packet of lube is enclosed so you simply peel away and you're ready to go!

Lubricants are an important part for any male sex toy as they will not self-lubricate, at least not for now. Although how cool would it be if they devised some way to do that?

But I digress, lubes are quite the integral part to any male masturbator, and after using one a few times you should be able to figure out how much is required. Too much makes a mess, and is a waste; yet too little will cause friction on the sensitive skin around the penis.

Some like the Cyberskin are a re-usuable and very plush and soft feeling and with an open-ended design, just simply wash it out in the sink. Made from their own composition of phthalates free, and ultra-realistic.

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