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Montreal Stripclub Review on Kingdom

Montreal Stripclub Review on Kingdom
Visiting Montreal for a few days and looking for a good stripclub to check out? We at Hot G Vibe specialize in strip club reviews for the beautiful and exotic city of Montreal. Once a week, we send one of our review specialists into a stripclub to evaluate it based on its overall environment; the friendliness of the staff, the costs, and of course, the strippers themselves! This week, we did an evaluation on Kingdom Gentlemen’s club, located on the dashing Boulevard St.Laurent in downtown Montreal.

Review By Jerome Goldman, Hot G Vibe Review specialist
Wednesday. August  19. 2009

As you walk through the front door and up the stairs of the red carpet into Kingdom Gentlemen’s club, something magical happens. You immediately feel a pleasant breeze of air conditioning and a vibe that says “A Good Time” all over it! I walk in with my review partner and am immediately greeted by the doorman who charges me an entrance fee of 5$. Now, this is a standard stripclub entrance fee in Montreal, and this doesn’t include tipping the doorman for guiding you to your seat, that is at least another 5$.

I sit down and take in everything around me; the creative jungle themed room, the lights, the spacious and appealing stage in front. Immediately I go on exploring the main room and then I was greeted by a lovely young waitress by the name of Gabrielle. She was an outspoken and perfectly bilingual francophone student who worked nights waiting tables at Kingdom to pay for her tuition. She served me my usual single malt Scotch and then sat down and chatted with me for about 10 minutes.

Right away, I knew that this was a nice place, despite the fact that it was a Wednesday night and there were only about 20 people in the club. After Gabrielle and I chatted for some time, my review partner and I sat with our drinks and watched a few performances go at it.  The dancers were attractive, but even more attractive were their skills on the pole! One girl was able to hold herself up and finish 5 rotations around the pole without her feet touching the ground! You can even find some of these girls playing with Sex Toys and doing girl-on-girl shows!

Afterwards I go to the bar and order a beer, and not surprisingly, it was more expensive than I thought it would be. The barmaid wasn't as friendly as Gabrielle, but it is usually like that when you order drinks in english at a bar in a French area. Then again, most stripclubs charge more for drinks because they have bills to pay. So in the end, it was a good experience.

If you go visit Kingdom Gentlemen’s Club on 1417 St-Laurent, you can find some of the most talented and beautiful dancers in the city. This is also the residence of Montreal pornstars Malezia and Patricia Petite.

Overall Rating of Kingdom:

Friendliness: 8/10

Entrance Cost: 5$

Cost for Lap Dance: 10-30$

Staff: Friendly

Dancers: 7/10 aesthetics
                  8/10 skills

Cost for drinks: 5-20$ per drink

Overall, a great stripclub. Conveniently located in the red light district of Montreal ( Corner of St. Catherine Est and Boulevard St-Laurent), you can visit this titty bar with your boys and have a great time. Be sure to check out Kingdom on weekends for the hottest girls!

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