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Never Had an Orgasm?

Never Had an Orgasm?
Has your woman never had an orgasm before? This is a very common thing for females. In fact, over 60% of women will never have an orgasm in their life. There are several reasons why most women would fake an orgasm or pretend to enjoy sex. Usually, it is because the guy has a small penis, or he cannot perform well sexually. The other cases are that some women are just extremely difficult to please.
For all the frustrated men out there looking for ways to may their woman have the best orgasm of her life, continue reading about our fantastic packages and kits that are guaranteed to help your woman have multiple orgasms!

When you search through the Hot G Vibe specials and kits sections, you will find our in-house assembled kits that are designed for the ultimate sexual experience for you and your partner. These sex kits come with our famous, world class vibrating cock rings that can be used as a male sex toy and a female sex toy. Wear these rings on your fingers or on your penis and stimulate her g-spot and or clitoris; whatever she wants!

Along with the vibrating rings, our sex kits come with doctor recommended personal lubricants, massage oils, cleansing wipes, or a disinfectant toy cleaner. Those women who have never had an orgasm before will be thrilled to try something new and excited offered at our online sex shop.

Try some of our other combinations of sex toy packages if you don’t plan on using it with your partner. Our masturbation kits for men and women offer some of the best sex enhancing products available. For men, the best orgasm enhancer would be a metal cock ring. This male sex toy, along with a water-based personal lubricant can improve your orgasm between 20-30%, as well as help you ejaculate larger volumes of sperm!

For women, the G-Pack includes Hot G Vibe rings and the best selling g-spot vibrator, the Slimline G. This exclusive erotic novelty finds the female gspot with ease and has the ability to make some women squirt! You won’t even need to apply lube if you are using some of these adult toys!

Those women who have never had an orgasm can order these packages and get creative with the flexible combination of vibrators and vibrating rings!

Order your weekly specials now and get free shipping on any kit over 100$!

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