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Posted by in Sex Wiki on Oct 01, 2012 . 0 Comments.

Phthalates are chemical compounds used quite regularly in plastic products to increase flexibility and to make them stronger and resistant. Phthalates are found in absolutely everything around us. You can check out Sex Toys, building materials, cosmetics like nail polish and perfumes, medical equipment, etc.

Phthalates were initially used in 1920s however as progress and industrialization intensified so increased the use of these chemical compounds. Today, these chemicals are found so commonly in the environment that they pose a risk to health so say the phthalates advisory committee.

In fact highest amounts of this chemical compound was found in small children and babies. The remnants of these chemicals are found through the urine. Concentration was found in babies’ urine making them more susceptible to effects of phthalates. Phthalates were found extensively used in baby products. Everything including baby powder, baby oils, baby diapers, were found to contain this chemical compound. Medical fraternity has woken up to this problem, therefore, many are being advised against the use of this chemical.

It has become mandatory to use or avoid using altogether this chemical compound from toys and intimate devices like Erotic Toys for men and women. Phthalates cause many health risks; there could also be increased likelihood of infections with the presence of phthalates. You should, when searching for plastic products, try and ensure that they are phthalates free. You will find many latest advertisements regarding plastic products mentioning strict absence of phthalates in their products.

Phthalates in sex toys are used to enhance their elasticity, these are also used to add color to the toys. Dildos and Vibrators typically contain this chemical compound. With phthalates, plastic becomes more durable and may have a less chance of breaking. This makes it ideal of inclusion. In fact sex toys with phthalates will be stronger and comfortable for use. However, it could also give reason for reactions and infections.

Phthalates used for medical purposes can prove to be quite harmful. It has been found out that most surgically used medical equipment has this chemical compound. Though, it has not clearly affected anyone to date. There has been a likelihood that these will prove to be fatal some day in case of those surgeries that are thoroughly critical in nature.

Widespread usage of these chemical compounds in health, building and wiring, toys, cosmetics, baby products and other categories has made it absolutely necessary to stop further spread of this chemical compound. Multiple health agencies all over the world are working efficiently to tackle this problem. Many studies across Europe are studying the harmful effects of phthalates and advising about how spread of this chemical compound can be stopped altogether.


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