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Popular Female Sex Toys

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Dec 02, 2009 . 0 Comments.

Female Sex Toys ultimately appeal to individuals and it is more difficult to determine which are the Best Sex Toys. Every individual is different and thus have different sexual needs and desires. People who use sex toys prefer to remain discreet, so it makes it more difficult to determine which ones users enjoy the most. However, it can be generalized by number of sales that the most popular female sex toys are Vibrators and Dildos.

The reason being that these two are the most popular is because they are quite simple yet extremely satisfying. The more sophisticated Vibrators such as the rabbit or other multi-tasking vibrators cater to specific individual women’s needs. Some women do not like fancy vibrators with extra gadgets and they are sometimes intimidated by these toys. The only thing that shouldn’t intimidate women are the various speeds that the vibrators offer. One great thing about vibrators are that most of them are quite discreet. They also use batteries that are easy to find- allowing for multiple uses more frequently. Recently, manufacturers have produced vibrators that target specific pleasure zones for women.

These 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 vibrating sex toys are designed for those women who are unable to achieve orgasms. Among the most popular of these adult toys are rabbit vibrators and G-spot Stimulators. The rabbit vibrator's reputation has been popularized by the hit TV series Sex & The City. Along with the media coverage, this female sex toy has become a very trendy vibrator both in online and retail purchases. Other toys such as the G-Spot Vibrator have been featured on numerous adult tube sites. The reason being is that a g-spot stimulator works wonders and induces female orgasms through ejaculation, or squirting. The only way to effectively squirt is through total g-spot stimulation. You can find a great deal of these erotic adult novelty toys at the Hot G Vibe online sex shop.

Dildos remain popular female sex toys because they are very flexible. According to statistics, women prefer to masturbate with something that has the most accurate feel to a man's penis. These sex toys can be lubricated and used for vaginal penetration. They come in many shapes and sizes, some can be up to 20 inches long! Recently, glass dildos or sex toys have become some of the best selling novelties in the erotic toys market. These finely finished adult toys are beautifully shaped and they also offer the feel no silicone or rubber dong could give!

When it comes to G-spot stimulation, the g-spot vibrator adult novelty toys are controlled by the female, this also allows her to control how deep she is being penetrated. In addition, using a Personal Lubricant allows a woman to enhance her sexual pleasures when masturbating with a toy such as a vibrating ring. These types of sex merchandise are great because they can be used as both a male sex toy and also a female adult novelty. Dongs and dildos are easy to wash and maintain, making them the most convenient and popular female sex toys.

Vibrators are great for masturbation and for sex. This is the one benefit that dildos do not have. Vibrators can penetrate and stimulate but not all dildos can do this. The vibrations from the vibrators facilitate climax by stimulating either the anus or the clitoris. Dildos may not always be the appropriate solution for double penetration, or they may not even be useful during sex. Historically, dildos have been the most popular female sex toys. It is entirely up to choice and preference which one you may think is a better erotic toy.

When choosing your Sex Toy, be sure that they are clean and safe. Nothing is more important than being hygienic during sex and masturbation. You can find an Adult Toy Cleaner at the Hot G Vibe Erotic Sex Store. It is here where men and women can find the top rated and Best Erotic Toys that are free of phthalates and latex.



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