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Popular Male Sex Toys

Male Sex Toys have drastically increased in popularity in the 21st century, including the Tenga. Whereas sex toys were manufactured and sold primarily for female demographics, sex toys for men have now been adopted by many sex stores and online sex shops. It is no lie that Female Sex Toys are the dominant market in the adult toys industry, it is a matter of time until the male sex toys market catches up. Many would say that there are many factors contributing to this popular market; one being that men have become more open and comfortable with their sexuality. However, there are still some men who refrain from sex toys. Regardless, many couples today have adopted these types of adult novelty toys as they can dramatically help increase sexual stimulation.

The most popular male sex toys at the moment are Cock Rings. These adult toys are made from different materials and they all have their perks. Silicone and stainless steel metal cock rings are the sturdiest and longest lasting penis rings. A metal cock ring is worn on the base of the penis; cuffing the testicles and penis shaft together in order to provide longer and firmer erections. The feel of a metal cock ring is rather rugged- providing enhanced erections and sexual stimulation to both the penis and testicles. These sex toys should not be worn for too long though, doctors recommend a maximum of 20 minutes at a time in order to not cut off the blood circulation.

Vibrating cock rings are the answer to some of the problems faced by metal, leather and plastic cock rings. Vibrating cock rings are interesting male sex toys because they provide penile stimulation along with vaginal stimulation during sexual intercourse. Most vibrating cock rings can only be worn at the base of the penis; this limits to only an infliction of clitoral sensation from the vibrating ring. There are some vibrating cock rings that can penetrate the vagina, these are known as g-spot stimulating cock rings. The Hot G Vibe Vibrating Ring has the ability of being used during vaginal penetration. Once inserted, the Hot G Vibe targets the female G-Spot and provides it with the utmost pleasures. Not only does this male sex toy give women enhanced orgasms, its function as a cock ring permits men's penises to remain firm so they can perform better.

Male masturbators are another genre of male sex toys that have become ever so popular. Essentially, a male masturbator is a simulated body part that can be a mouth, a vagina, an anus, and even strange parts like an ear! These sex toys are also known as Penis Sleeves. The Fleshlight is a good example of a male masturbator and penis sleeve. It is a flashlight case with a penis sleeve inside that can be used for discrete masturbation. These male sex toys work exceptionally well with a water-based lubricant.

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