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Tenga Male Sex Toys

The Tenga line of male sex toys are like something from the future, or Japan. Either way the fact that they have everything included inside the masturbation toy, and the fact that ones like the Soft Tube Cup (Pictured, Right) when unwrapped could pass for a plain shampoo bottle.

First released back in 2006, the Tenga products have sold over two million in Japan alone! Apparently you can even find them in vending machines, how awesome is that?

With something like 9 different types, and a whole array of options on particular models, the options are simply mind-boggling, and yet everyone I've tried this far felt unique, and very awesome.

With silicone being the main material used you can rest assured that not only can you expect multiple uses, but that the product is skin safe. 

Because the Tenga models are primarily silicone composites there are several things you should keep in mind. First off only use water-based lubricant with your Tenga male sex toy

Afterward it's a simple process to clean as you simply run water through it to clean it out. Let it dry, and then use the next time as you wish!

With their discreet packaging most people would never guess the purpose of the neat little toy on your shelf and with the options available you may just want to pick up a 6 pack of assorted eggs, all with each unique inner textures so give them each a a shot of your shot!

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