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Love Dolls for Men

Posted by in on Mar 21, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Love Dolls or Sex Dolls come in various forms, from inexpensive gag gifts to expensive silicone dolls that are in excess of $6000.

The first case of sex dolls mentioned in history is from ancient Greece, where Pygmalion from Cyprus constructs an ivory statue to which he becomes infatuated with the stature. He calls here Galatea, and becomes so obsessed as to bathe her, took her to bed and subsequently slept with her.

In the modern world sex dolls have a variance of quality that is determined by price, a simple inflatable doll, which could also take the form of the an animal, say a goat or a lamb and mostly used as props could cost as little as $50. For around $200-300 a seamless, latex doll can be purchased and are often licensed after real life porn stars. In the extreme upper class, dolls with well constructed faces, proportioned and weighted to that of about half of a human of that size. As well as a multitude of custom options that can be included.

For the industry, it has witnessed a rise in sales, as newer technology has made it possible to create realistic looking dolls complete with colored eyes, wigs, clothing, and true to life anatomy. Thus bringing another male sex toy to the market.

There also exists a mailing list whereby people have created, and help each other with the creation of their own dolls. Through the use of forums as well, a myriad of articles exist on how to create dolls, create clothes, ideas for dolls, fabric types, and general knowledge of fabric dolls.

The doll scene is extensive in Japan, silicon dolls known as Dutch Wives. There also exist a sort of doll burlesque house in Tokyo, where clients can rent a room and a doll, and companies that bring the dolls to the clients house.


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