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PC Muscles

Posted by in Sex Wiki on Mar 04, 2013 . 0 Comments.

The PC muscles also know as Pubococcygeal muscles present in both males and females control the bladder, as well as controlling ejaculation in males, as well as the tightness of the female’s vagina.The muscle extends from the tailbone to the pelvic bone and as with any muscle can be strengthened, and specifically for the purposes of sex.

Guys, imagine being able to actually stop yourself from blowing your load too quickly, working the PC muscles and strengthening them does this. By strengthening the pubococcygeal muscles you have the ability to actually lift the penis and move it, this also contracts the urethra preventing you – as mentioned above, which really helps when you finish before she does.

For women, strengthening their PC muscles offers many benefits. The first is more enjoyable sex, as you learn to control the muscles, it offers more stimulation around the vaginal walls and can also really drive your man crazy as you can tighten the sensation around his penis at will.

Other benefits include improved bladder control that may result from a number of causes age, or as a result from surgery or childbirth.

The PC muscles also help for childbirth as they allow for the head of the infant to be aligned properly during childbirth. Subsequently strengthening the PC muscles allow for the women to tighten her vagina afterward to improve sensation.

Breakdown of Kegel Exercises:

Kegel exercises are the primary means of tightening and strengthening the vagina as a result of ageing, overweight, or as mentioned previously childbirth. Kegelaids can be used to help expedite the process by working on sets of exercises.

Step 1: Hold the muscle that makes you stop urination

Step 2: Hold for 3-5 seconds depending on your strength and ability

Step 3: Repeat this 10 times in a row

Step 4: Take a break, and do 6 sets of these.

The great thing about kegel exercises is that you can do these anywhere! Seriously you can be sitting at the dinner table, or standing on the metro platform. It may seem like an underused or unnecessary exercise, but the results you’ll witness in bed will be worth the simple and quick exercise.


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