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Penis Jelqing

Posted by in on Mar 21, 2014 . 0 Comments.

What is a Penis Jelqing Exercise Program?

Penis Jelqing, also known as manual penile “milking”, is a process used for penis enlargement. Essentially, jelqing exercises are used for loosening the blood cells in the corpus cavernosa in order for the cells to expand easily when wearing a Penis Stretcher. Jelqing exercises are very effective when it comes to increasing overall penis size. While penis milking cannot enlarge the penis on its own, the use of a penis extender along with jelqing exercises has been scientifically proven to be the most effective methods of penile enlargement.

There is no real way to trace how far back jelqing goes. It was only until recently that small community of jelqers emerged online and began discussing and comparing jelqing techniques. Based on the before and after pictures of those who combined a penis extender with jelqing techniques, many people have been extremely satisfied with their Penis Enlargement System.

The use of a medical penis enlarger provides permanent results. In order to see the best results, Hot G Vibe recommends following a penis enlargement program that fits the needs of each person. If you already use a penis extender, learn how to maximize your penis size using a combination of the extender exercises, jelqing techniques, male enhancement pills, and a healthy diet.

How Does Jelqing Work?

Jelqing exercises consist of manual traction on the penis in order for the blood to circulate easier throughout the shaft. Normally, you want to hold the head of your penis and gently tug on it and move it in different directions. It is very similar to working out, the more you practice, the better it becomes. Using the scientific principles of mitosis and cytokinesis, jelqing and penis extenders cause the body to respond with immediate healing of the microscopic tears created from expanding the blood cells. Just like how a pregnant woman’s stomach can stretch, the body reacts by regenerating the old blood cells with brand new ones.

This concept has been long practiced in many cultures around the world. African tribes have placed golden rings on their elongated necks for body decorations. Burn victims and those with broken bones are treated with the exact same principle of cell regeneration.

Penis jelqing can be done either in or out of the shower. Usually, jelqing should be done with the use of some personal lubricants so that no skin breaks during the exercises. Be sure not to over-do your jelqing exercises as you don’t want to damage your penis from too much pressure.

What Can You Gain from Jelqing?

-A larger penis in the flaccid state
-Increased sex drive
-Longer and thicker erections
-More flexibility on the penis body

If you are interested in learning the best jelqing techniques or a great jelqing exercise program, look into purchasing a penis extender from the Hot G Vibe Online Sex Shop. When you purchase these permanent penis enlargement devices, you can have the option of getting full access to jelqing videos online.


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