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Salad Tossing

Posted by in on Mar 21, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Tossing salad more appropriately referred to as anal-oral, anilingus, a rim-job, eating ass, and rimming and is a sexual act where one partner uses their mouth by licking and sliding the tongue in and out of the recipient’s anus. It is a sexual act that can be done by all sexual orientations. The reason people may find pleasure in this act is due to the sensitive nerve endings around the anus, or as sexual humiliation.

However, due to the fact that a person’s mouth is in contact with the anus the propensity to transmit and STD is greatly increased due to the presence of parasites and bacteria on our around the rectum. Many STD’s can be transferred in this way, those include: Hepatitis A, B, and C, gonorrhea, HPV, Chlamydia, herpes, as well as diseases such as intestinal parasites and polio.

In order to minimize the transfer of diseases, or STI’s, a number of preventative measures can be taken. First is the importance of general hygiene for the receive of anilingus, and this can be accomplished through the use of an enema, which while not sterilizing the anal cavity can remove most, if not all of the feces in the rectum. The person using their tongue can ensure that they have no open sores in their mouth before hand, as well as that they have not brushed their teeth, or flossed which may have upset the gums causing them to bleed.

Prevention can be possible with the use of a dental dam, which used can prevent transfer of any STD’s. A homemade dental dam can be made from a condom by cutting it to have it open wide, but is generally not recommended as improper cutting can lead to the couple believing they are engaging in safe sex. Plastic wrap, or clingwrap should be avoided, as it does not adequately prevent bacteria from passing through the material.


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