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Hot G Vibe - Smallest Vibrating Cock Ring - Vibrating Condom - Cock Ring G-Spot Vibrator
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No sexual experience can be complete without knowledge- but obviously knowledge comes with experience. Even with all the sex toys on the market, an individual without any knowledge or experience about sex could not put the toys to proper use.

It is for this reason why we can help you with our Sexual Performance Enhancement DVDs. These Better Sex DVD Guides are available individually or as bonuses in the gift sets. The two demonstration films explain new sex positions and how they can be used to maximize pleasure and intimacy.

The tantalizing Erotic Positions DVD demonstrates numerous intimate sex positions and how to master the techniques in order to get the most out of them. This disc displays the more romantic and conventional sex positions. The DVD consists of physical demonstrations with real couples and the optional voiceover and walkthrough of each position and commentaries on how to enhance sexual pleasure.

The other more naughty disc is a Seductive Sex Positions DVD that demonstrates methods of smooth initiation of sexual activities and sex positions. It is recommended for those who are more adventurous or those who want to awaken that daring side of them. The disc offers bonuses including commentaries, voiceovers and viewing modes.

Both DVDs provide valid sex education for adults. For more info on this subject, Check out Sex Education.

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Hot G Vibe is one of the hottest Online Adult Sex Toys Shops offering a large variety of Sex Toys for male and females including cock rings, vibrators, dildos, vibrating dildos, anal vibrators, G-Spot vibrators and pleasure goods such as Personal Lubricants and Massage Oils. The most popular of our adult toys are the Hot G Vibe Vibrating Cock Rings- the smallest and longest lasting Vibrating Condoms on the market. What makes Hot G Vibe different from the other Online Adult Sex Toys Stores? We promote safe and protected sex and all of our adult sex toys found on our adult toys shop are free of Phthalates and Latex- making them perfectly safe for all users.

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