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Bullet Vibrators

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Fun Discreet Bullet Vibrators From Hot G Vibe

Small, discreet, and extremely effective. Three words that describe the Bullet Vibratorand how it will suit you for a quick masturbation session. Bullet vibrators can be used for a wide variety of sexual pleasure. The most common use is for clitoral stimulation, you can just rest or rub the bullet vibrator on the clit and let them hum away and see your woman in absolute ecstasy.

If you use a larger style bullet vibratoryou can use it on the G-spot and hit the biggest pleasure spot a woman has. The G-spot is located on the top wall of the vagina, about 1-3 inches inches inside. Although bullet vibrators can hit the G-spot, different types of dildo's and vibrators are more effective than bullets. If you are looking for G-Spot stimulation I would suggest browsing our Vibrator section for the rabbit and dolphin style vibrators.
You can also use these bullet vibratorsto stimulate any area of the body you want. Many couples enjoy tickling their partners or their own anus during intercourse. The Bullet can also be used to arouse any other part of the body such as the labia or nipples.

Some women enjoy a bullet stuck in their anus during sex to add a bit of extra flare during the deed. While some men enjoy the gentle hum of the bullet vibratoron their hole to provide them with an extra rock hard erection and explosive orgasm. Most people use it for clitoral stimulation though since it is so small and powerful, it is best for delivering pleasure to a small area like the clit.
Bullet Vibrator Types

Mini Love Bullet Vibrator
The Mini Love Bullet is a wireless bullet that's quiet and vibrates at a pleasurable speed. This silky, waterproof bullet is versatile for travel and trips. It has one speed, and is perfect for use during oral sex on him or her.
E-Z Mini Bullet Vibrator

Hide this bullet vibratoraway in your purse or your bedside table and use it when the perfect moment arises. This tiny and powerful button operated bullet vibratorcan be set to three different levels to let you feel the buzz as hard as you 0want. If you are feeling a bit kinky you can put the free ribbed sleeve on and let the buzz spread even further. The most convenient sex toyon the market!
Neon Luv Touch Bullet Vibrator

You'll glow with pleasure from this radiant Neon Luv-Touch Bullet Vibrator! Lined with our super-soft Luv Touch material, this vibrant bullet is smooth to the touch, satisfying and ultra sleek. Push the one-touch control and let the silent vibrations whisk you away. Try it in the shower or hot tub and turn bath time into passion play!
Silver Bullet Vibrator

The classic bullet vibrator, the Silver Bullet Vibrator has variable speeds and is very strong! We love this bullet because of its power. The Silver Bullet is inexpensive. Its only drawbacks? Some people don't like the cord and prefer a wireless bullet.
Waterproof Micro Bullet Vibrator

The Waterproof Micro Bullet Vibrator takes pleasure one step further, with a soft, textured, sexy sleeve. This bullet takes watch batteries and imparts a more subtle vibration than others we carry.
Screaming O Bullet Vibrator

The Screaming O Bullet Vibrator is a great, inexpensive sex toy that can be used in a variety of ways. This pleasurable bullet can be used anywhere to provide unique sensations. This bullet vibrates at one speed.
Frisky Fingers Bullet Vibrator
The Frisky Finger Bullet Vibrator comes with a textured sleeve that fits over your finger, so you can use it as an extension of your hand. The Frisky Finger vibe leaves your hands free to roam all over your partner. Watch batteries are included. It vibrates at one pleasurable speed.

Buzzlet Waterproof Bullet Vibrator

The Buzzlet Bullet Vibratoris made of body-safe materials and vibrates at 8 speeds and pulsation patterns. The Buzzlet features two sides: a silky, velvety silicone side and a smooth, hard plastic side. It features a handle and is completely waterproof for versatile play.
High Intensity Bullet Vibrator

The High Intensity Bullet Vibratorhums at three pleasurable speeds. It's waterproof, small, and has a unique shape with an angled tip for targeted stimulation.

Secret Mini Bullet Vibrator

Extra petite, super slim and dreamily soft with a versatile shape that will deliver lip-biting sensation wherever it lands, the Secret Mini Bullet Vibrator is another great accessory. A classic mini bullet vibrator is a must have for any pleasure seeker, and this one is particularly user friendly, with a petite 3.5 inch shape that’s perfect for travel and discreet use. The Velvet-Touch coating over top of the firm, satisfying plastic of the vibe feels incredible against the skin, and gets nice and slick with the addition of lube.
Little Star Mini Bullet Vibrator

Very powerful and discreet mini bullet vibrator that can be hidden away and be at hand wherever you are when lust fall. Very simple to use and has three modes to be able to both increase and decrease the intensity of the vibrations. 

Y-Bullet Vibrator (usb)
The Y-Bullet is a technologically enhanced vibrator that gets its power straight from your computer. Just plug it into the USB port on your PC or laptop and turn it on. This multi-speed bullet vibrator shakes and thrills at a quiet, intense purr.

No batteries are required for this small, sensuous vibrating bullet. Great for men and women, it gives you a discreet way to use a vibrator while watching XXX DVDs or streaming video on your computer or laptop. The Y-Bullet is perfect for web cam chat too. This is a great vibrator for travel there's no way it will turn on in your luggage. In fact, the USB cord makes the vibrator look very discreet.

 No matter which type you use, you are guaranteed to have fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend. These male and female sex toyswill drive you wild! For the most mind blowing sexual experience, try using one of these sex toys on your girlfriends clit with our famous Hot G Vibe vibrating cock ring inside her vagina! This will stimulate both her clit and her g-spot to give her a mind blowing orgasm.

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