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Alex >> Corona, California

Hey... What can I say? I'm happy with my penis size, but if my penis could vibrate, sex would go to a higher level. LOL my penis can finally vibrate. Who would have thought that this was even possible just a few years ago? Thx guys!!!

Jen >> Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to thank you guys at Hot G Vibe for your amazing vibrating cock ring. Finally there is a sex toy that men can use with a condom. What a great idea. All the other sex toys that are out there don't seem to cater to people that practice safe sex. As a woman this means a lot to me, and I happy to see someone that is doing something about it.

Stefan Rohdenburg >> Germany

My friend got married and I needed to give them something for the honeymoon. I ordered the special package and they loved it! That saved me trouble of getting each a gift for them. I now know what to get the next wedding.

Emily >> Sheffield, UK

I love trying new things. The Hot G Vibe was a great addition to my collection. Cheers.

David Duke >> IL, USA

Great product, fast delivery, and fantastic customer service!!! I ordered the Hot G Vibe over the phone. The guy I spoke to suggested that my girlfriend should ride me when I had the cock rings on. That was great advice. She ended up having her first G-Spot orgasm within minutes. I could not believe it, I barley touch her now and she's coming faster than I'm going.

Steven >> Seattle, USA

I love your product. I've never seen anything like it. I'm also addicted to that Gina Vibe character...she's soooo hot. Can't wait for the new episodes.

Stefano Cerone >> Rimini, Italy

I order your product and my girlfriend love me all the time. Grazie!

Mike and Kim >> San Diego, CA

...we've been married for 27 years and we've tried lots of things. This vibrating ring made it to our Top 5 favorite sex toys. Thanks for the buzz!

Steve M >> TX, USA

Great Product! Our bedtime routine got somewhat boring. Your vibrating cock ring definitely brought back the spark in our relationship.

Greg Heaney >> TX, USA

I had trouble keeping my erection hard this “magic” cock ring kept me as hard as elephant! My wife can't keep up with me anymore. Thanks.

John S. >> Calgary AB

I ordered the G-vibe cockring and was concerned about the packaging because I live with my parents. When I received my order, I didn't even know what it was. VERY DISCREET SHIPPING. Thanks guys. :)

Cheryl D. >> Leicester, UK

I ordered the Hot G Vibes and was amazed by the size. I always have one in my purse for emergencies. Tiny, powerful and Discreet, I love that.

Tammy >> MI, USA

Hi, my bf and i have been together for over a year. He has trouble finding my G-spot. I didn't want to hurt his pride, so I ordered your cock rings as a surprise. Now I'm getting orgasms left to right and he doesn't even sweat.

Anonymous >> Louisiana, USA

My wife is very old fashion and very picky about what goes on in our bedroom. I was relieved to know that she found your device subtle and discreet. Keep ‘em coming, I know I am.

Mona T. >> Portland, USA

I ordered your cock rings as a joke for a friends' bridal shower. I tried one just to see what it's all about. I ended up using all of them that weekend. I had to order another set for my friend.

Swen >> Sweeden

Great product. Thank you.

Tim Chapman >> Perth, Australia

I just received my order today. I didn't expect it to get here so fast. This was a smart purchase. Thank you.

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