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Why Buy More Than One?

The Hot G Vibe vibrating ring is incredibly versatile. Not only can i be worn on the penis, but it can also be worn on your fingers, toes, other toys …or even your tongue!

You can fit more than one Hot G Vibe depending on the length of your penis.

↓ Drag the slider arrows below to see how many you can handle! ↓

Hot G Vibe Sex Toys

What Makes The HOT G VIBE Unique?

The low profile of the Hot G Vibe means it can actually enter the Vagina to stimulate the G Spot (hence the name Hot “G” vibe). We recommend using a condom to keep the vibrator in position when using it for G-spot stimulation. However, it can be used without a condom and will perform as a traditional vibrating cock ring at the base of the penis.

Wear More Than One Ring At The Same Time!

Get creative and see how many ways you can use your Hot G Vibe!

The Hot G Vibe can be used on your fingers